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How to Choose the Best Bed/Mattress Size For Your Home

How to Choose the Best Bed Mattress Size For Your Home

There are two factors to consider when selecting your bed and mattress size: what does the floor space and layout of your bedroom look like, and how much personal space do you and your partner require when sleeping?

Once you’ve mapped out your bedroom and you know how much space you can allocate to the bed, determine which sizes will provide you with at least 22 inches in walking space around the bed so you can maneuver easily from side to side. Use magazines or books to mark these measurements and visualize how the room will look with each of these beds:

Mattress Size Width Height
Twin 39” 75”
Extra Long Twin 38” 80”
Full/Double 54” 75”
Queen 60” 80”
King 76”-78” 80”
California King 72” 84”

Once you know what sizes are comfortable for the room, consider how much personal space you (and your partner if you sleep with one) will want.

Twin & Extra Long Twin

This is the most common bed size for children, but it can be a tight squeeze for taller adolescents and adults. If you’re tight on space, opt for the extra long twin so you don’t have to worry about feet hanging off the end of the bed. Your mattress should be at least 4 inches taller the tallest person who regularly sleeps on it.


Many couples start out with a full or double mattress, but when you break it down each person only gets 27 inches of personal space (the same width as a crib mattress)! This mattress is a much better option for one adult sleeper or for the guest bedroom.


The queen size mattress is the most popular mattress size nationwide… and for good reason! The additional 6” width and 5” height can make all the difference in comfort level for couples. Single adults with large bedrooms also like this option because it makes the room look proportional.

King & California King

The king mattress is the only option for couples that affords each person the same amount of personal space that they would get from sleeping alone on a twin mattress. The California King is a bit smaller in width, but the extra height makes it a great choice for our tallest customers. Just make sure to double check that your hallways and entrances are large enough to navigate a king mattress from your front door to the bedroom.

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